My Maiden Voyage to Finger Knitting – Part 1

A Fair Request

It started with a friend innocently enough texting me “I need a chunky knit blanket.” Bit of a hiccup: my knitting skills barely qualify me as a novice. I crochet and live happily in the Land of Crochet – not because I’m a snob but because knitting intimidates me.

So began my journey to a new yarn-craft land

Making Travel Plans

So then I wondered…what does Pinterest have to say about this? And Pinterest most certainly had suggestions for chunky blanket projects. I found a tutorial that looked perfect and best of all, no knitting needles! All I needed to know was how to finger knit and they made it look so easy and manageable. I looked up the yarn, found that JoAnn’s had a sale, and I had a coupon that I could use on sale-priced items. I gave my friend the details and soon passage for a socially-distanced* crafting voyage was booked. (*Because COVID)

Delay #1

I placed my pick-up-at-store order and could hardly concentrate in anticipation of getting my hands on new yummy yarn. Then came the alert that my order was ready. Kind of…


When I went to pick up the part of my order that could be filled, I asked the store clerk if she might know when the yarn could be back in stock. She checked their inventory and let me know that more of the color had been ordered and was en route, but she didn’t think it would be available this week maybe the next. So back home I went where I would then check the app daily in hopes of seeing the yarn back in stock, and importantly: before my coupon expired and before the sale ended.

Delay #2

Having told my friend the challenge I was up against, she let me know that Michael’s had the yarn and they also had a sale. When I went to their website, I couldn’t find Extra, I could only find Big. *Gasp*…did I get the wrong yarn?? I checked the tutorial video again and found there was a glaring discrepancy I hadn’t caught!

Expectation versus Reality

Extra? Big? How did I miss this?! I am choosing not to link the tutorial video or name the blogger because I don’t believe the blogger intended to be misleading. Yarn offerings change all the time and I have reason to suspect that Big may be a product now exclusive to Michael’s and is only available in limited quantities. Plus, the tutorial video was, otherwise, very well made.

Delay #3 (Honestly)

But this whole Extra versus Big had me asking “What’s the big difference?” (Shameful pun intended) I couldn’t find any articles or videos from any crafters that addressed this, but I was able to find that the yarn weight for both is classified as 7-Jumbo. Maybe not all hope was lost. Except, not all yarns in the same weight are created equal and this is where the gauge can tell us a lot. The Yarnspirations website doesn’t have specifications for Big, but Michael’s does.

Side by side comparison of Bernat Blanket Extra to Bernat Blanket Big

In summary: Big is almost twice as thick as Extra. 😭What’s a girl to do when she can’t catch a break? Defeated, I let my friend know everything I had discovered. My lack of attention to detail was threatening the very project we were excited about and for which she had already paid for supplies. She replied “That’s totally fine. Please don’t stress. We’ll still have fun.” ❤️ It was exactly the kind of positive attitude I needed to dust myself off and find a way to save this project!

Now all I needed was to find out how the yarn I did have was going to behave. And there was the pesky situation of getting my hands on that pink yarn or find a different color scheme.

Join me later this week for Part 2 where I share how my luck starts to turn for the better and I finally set sail. 🙂