Let the Wild Crochet Journey Begin!

Although I have been crocheting for most of my adult life, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. I am not about to admit to or list all the kinds of rookie mistakes I made when I first started out. To humor you, though, let me tell you that my brother’s baby afghan (my first real project) looked more like a trapezoid. Ok, ok, it looked more like a geometric shape not yet known to mankind. To this day, my mother claims the afghan is stored away as a keepsake. Sure it is! But I have to agree — it’s probably best it not see the light of day. Thankfully, many years later when it came time to make my own son’s baby afghan, I had already arrived at the Land of Crochet.

Again, it’s not to say I didn’t experience many road bumps along the way — I honestly cannot stress that enough. The excitement of trying something new would waiver when overshadowed by the frustration and challenges piling up against me. Where’d that stitch come from? Where am I supposed to join?? What do all these pesky acronyms even mean, is this still in English?! Overwhelmed and feeling like I’d never get it, I’d abandon my project all together. But thanks to my strong sense of determination (read: stubbornness), I would always pick it up again, undo the stitches, and start once more.

In the Land of Crochet, we’ll go over the basics and build up from there. Whether you’re starting out new or are out of practice and want to revisit the basics, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover how to start, how to end, and everything in between — I’ll even tell you what those pesky acronyms mean!

Here, you are free to make mistakes, ask “stupid” questions, and if need be: make like a frog…rip it, rip it (get it? Ribbit ribbit?). Whatever you do: just don’t give up! Soon enough you’ll be making things you can be proud to gift or wear and not have to hide as a “keepsake.”

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