Wine Glass Cozy Pattern

Wine Cozy/Coasters

I’m very excited to be able to share this pattern with you. In my previous post, I’m in Love with the Shell Stitch, I showed you a wine glass coaster/cozy that I designed and stitched up all on my own! Today, I’ll be sharing the pattern.

But first: for anyone who may not be familiar with what a shell stitch is, the shell stitch (also known as the ‘fan stitch’) consists of multiple stitches being crocheted into the same stitch. Because you have multiple stitches sharing the same space, you end up with a cluster that resembles a shell, or a fan. In my pattern, I use two different size shells, a 5 double crochet shell and a 3 double crochet shell.

I like the idea of two colors in each cozy, each base (the first six rows) has its own unique color but the top part with the shells (rows seven and eight) are the same with all cozies. The same top color helps create a uniform look among all the cozies but the distinct base shows through the stem and allows for just enough distinction to help everyone keep track of their wine glass.
Wine Cozy Teal and Plum Base

Stitches Used:
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet

Supplies Used:
Size H hook
Weight 4 Worsted Weight yarn (two different colors if you want the base to have its own color)
Needle for weaving ends

Special Notes:
A 5 double crochet shell will be denoted as 5dcsh; a 3 double crochet shell will be denoted as 3dcsh.
The ‘chain 1’ at the start of the first seven rows will not count as the first stitch of each row; but it will for rows 8 and 9.

Row 1: form a magic circle, chain 1, 6 sc in magic circle. Join with sl st to first sc and pull end to close circle. (6)
Row 2: chain 1. 2 sc in each sc. (12)
Row 3: chain 1. (1 sc, 2 sc), repeat to end. Join with sl st to first sc. (18)
Row 4: chain 1. (1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc), repeat to end. Join with sl st to first sc. (24)
Row 5: chain 1. (1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc), repeat to end. Join with sl st to first sc. (30)
Row 6: chain 1. (1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc), repeat to end. Join with sl st to first sc. (36)
Row 7: chain 1. Sc in each stitch through the back loops only. (36)
With B working in back loops
Row 8: chain 1, counts as first sc. (Skip two stitches, 5dcsh, skip 2 stitches, 1 sc.), repeat 4 more times. Skip two stitches, 5dcsh, skip 2 stitches, join with a slip stitch to starting sc. (6 shell clusters, 6 sc)
Two 5dcsh
Row 9: chain 2, counts as first dc. Dc in same joining stitch. (Skip two stitches, sl st in next stitch, skip two stitches, 3dcsh in next stitch), repeat 4 more times. Skip two stitches, sl st in next stitch, skip two stitches, 1 dc in same stitch as first dc. Join with a sl st to first dc. Cut tail and weave in ends.

This is my first attempt at writing a pattern so please let me know if any of the instructions seem out of sorts.

Sharing is caring but stealing is not nice. Feel free to make dozens for yourself or to gift but please give me credit by including the link back to my pattern if you pin or share online.


8 thoughts on “Wine Glass Cozy Pattern

  1. Hello Noemi, Thanks so very much for sharing such an awesome pattern. I am working to get a few of these done as x-mas presents this year. I have a question about changing the yarn, I think that i should change to the “top” yarn for line 8 and above. I am not sure though, am I thinking correctly? BTW, my Mom has always crotched and i used to love the Doilies she made with the shell stitch. Again, thanks again for the pattern.

    • Hi, Carmen. Thanks for stopping by and liking my pattern!

      You could try changing the color at row 8. The reason I changed it at row 7 is because it’s the first row for the top part of the cozy. I wanted to make sure that the color from the base wouldn’t be too visible when looking at the glass from the side.

      I learned from my mom as well and she also made the most beautiful doilies. You’re very thoughtful for making your mom a gift that you think she’ll enjoy. You’ll have to let me know if you’re able to gift them to her and she likes them. 🙂

      • Thanks so much for getting back to me. I finished the project, I don’t think I did row #9 correctly thought. I am going to start another one and see if I do this one better.

  2. Hi Noemi,
    I love the wine glass cozy, but I’m having a problem with Row 8…is there a correction on the number of (6 shell clusters) I’m coming up with more than the 6 you stated.?

    I should say that I’m relatively new to I might not be doing this row correctly. I’ll wait until you reply before attempting to go onto Row 9.

    Hope to hear back from you soon….Joann

    • Hi, Joann.

      I’m so happy that you’re giving my pattern a try!

      The first I would probably have you do is make sure that you end row 7 with 36 stitches. If yes, then the next thing I would have you do is make sure that you are skipping the correct number of stitches. You’ll start row 8 with a chain 1 that will count as the first single crochet, you then skip two stitches, in the next stitch you’ll do a 5dc shell, you’ll skip the next two stitches, and do your next single crochet. So it should be sc, skip 2 st, 5dc shell, skip 2st – this is over a total of 6 stitches so you’ll want to repeat it 5 more times over the remaining 30 stitches.

      I hope I was able to provide some clarification. Please let me know if that helps. 🙂

      • Hi Noemi,

        Thanks for the quick response. I will try again and count my stitches again and see if that’s
        where I’m making the mistake with this row.

        I do know that the cozy base is to large for the bottom of the wine I may need to do less rows for this pattern to work.

        I measured the bottom of the wind glass base and it’s (2 and 3/4 inches.) What size was your glass base?

        I truly want to make this pattern work and your help is greatly appreciated. I will try again probably later this evening and will keep in touch.

        Thanks so much….Joann

      • I measured the base of my glass and it was 2 and 5/8 inches: so only slightly smaller than yours.

        You could switch to a smaller hook, that could help the base of the cozy turn out smaller. If you do end up having to do less rows to make the pattern work, then you’ll have less shells in the first shell row. So, let’s say you end up doing one less row in the base, you’ll have 30 stitches total. Then in your first shell row (which would now be row 7), you’ll have 5 shells and 5 sc.

        I’m happy to help any way I can. 🙂

      • Hi Noemi,
        Thanks so much…I did end up doing 1 less row in the base with the 30 stitches total. The first shell row (now row 7) and had 5 shells and 5 sc. I followed the rest of pattern to the end and finished off…”It turned out just perfect.”

        I can’t Thank You enough for getting me on the right track with the most Gorgeous Wine Glass Cozy pattern.. you designed and shared. I’m going to make a set of these for my daughter…I know she’s going to love them.

        Again Thank You and I’m grateful for all your help….Hugs~ Joann

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