I’m in Love with the Shell Stitch

I probably first used the shell stitch when I was pregnant with my boy – I made him a pair of mittens and a coordinating sweater. Yet, I want to say that I first fell in love with the shell stitch when I came upon Crochet Dynamite’s Shell Stitch Business Card Holder. I needed something small and cute that I could use to keep my preferred customer cards – primarily, my Bibo Coffee Co. punch card. This pattern was perfect! Inspired, I put my own spin on Crochet Dynamite’s pattern for my very own card holder. Shell Stitch Card Holder

Then last week, while browsing through Pinterest, I found a pin to The Diplomatic Wife’s Wine Glass Cozies. A coaster and a cozy in one? Brilliant! However, I wanted a cozy that could show a little bit of flair without being over the top. I couldn’t help myself and went with a shell stitch. The bottom (the coaster part) is single crochet in the round so that the shell stitch is really only on the visible (top) part of the cozy.IMG_7856

Then, in an encore presentation, the shell stitch came up again over Christmas holiday with my in-laws. I had a skein of Sheep(ish) by Vicki Howell that had been begging me for over a year to turn it into something beautiful. So I decided to make a hat for my eldest niece. Even though I start with double crochet stitches in the round for the crown and end in single crochet stitches for the brim, the shell stitch is definitely the star of the show. Girl's Shell Stitch Hat

And so my love affair is sealed as I’m sure it won’t be the last time this stitch appears in one of my creations. Do you have a special stitch (be it basket, crocodile, bobble, or other) that you find yourself drawn to more than others?